Untethered Notification

March 2, 2016

What makes ArcAngel so special? ArcAngel’s patented untethered notification sends users updates in an emergency based on their location. Untethered means being free or not tied to any organization. Being untethered allows users to download ArcAngel and receive updates from any building, anywhere in the world on the ArcAngel platform. Outside in the parking lot, inside of a favorite restaurant, at work, while commuting, the places are endless.

Current technologies require the user to be part of an organization to download the application for emergency notification. Then the user only receives alerts based on that organization. The user also receives alerts from that organization anywhere they are. At times this can be frustrating, if your location is not relevant to the alerts happening. If a user is not in harm’s way they do not need to be notified about the event, as it does not pertain to them.

In a constantly changing world, users travel to various locations throughout the day. Remaining in the same place for short periods of time the user needs a safety application that can accommodate for their sporadic activity. Due to our changing lives users need notifications based on their location and their proximity to danger.

With color-coded areas, users know if they are within the immediate area of danger, close by danger, or the danger could be an inconvenience due to emergency response. This allows users to understand the situation better by receiving information. First responders are able to help those affected in the emergency while moving those who are not affected or able to easily evacuate to safe zones. Users are empowered by receiving information relevant to their location, because they can make choices about how to respond to the emergency. If they chose to supply information about the event they can do so as well helping those affected, because when we all work together we can make the world a little bit better.