Security at Live Events

March 2, 2016

As mass casualty events increase, consumers question the security at live events. Currently, when attending a live event such as a concert or sports game, users go through a metal detector and have their bags searched. In the wake of recent events it leaves live event attendees uneasy. But how do stadiums fill this security gap? One solution is to create a security checkpoint similar to airports where attendees take off their shoes and remove liquids to have all items scanned. This type of increased security deters users from attending the events, which leads to lost revenue for stadiums and artists or athletes.

An answer to this need in security is mobility. Tickets are already supplied through mobile devices, users security should be supplied the same way. In the event of an emergency at a stadium or large outside gathering, there is no way to obtain information about the emergency. With ArcAngel users at the live gathering can receive push notifications about the emergency event, alerting them to danger. Users can send video, picture, and text to the security personnel at the event to show what is happening in the part of the stadium they are located. The security personnel can take all of the information and create updates to the users so that each user is empowered to make decisions. Sharing information in an emergency not only helps the user that is supplying the information but those directly affected by the danger.