Disaster Relief

March 2, 2016

Tornados ripped through the Gulf states a few weeks ago leaving behind a path of destruction. Residents were left homeless and picking up the pieces. After a natural disaster Wi-Fi and cell service is down. Even in these events ArcAngel continues to work. Relief workers can send out a notification to users who are located in the area of the event to find out who is safe and who needs help. Those that respond safe, instantly notify their loved ones of their safety giving them peace of mind. Those that do not respond or respond as unsafe can have help sent to them. Allowing rescuers to find those negatively affected quickly. First responders have a starting point to locating users who are not safe to send them needed attention. They can also keep track of areas that have been searched to maximize efficiency when responding to the affected areas.

Users also receive updates about locations of safe zones, which can be shelters setup to reunite with family members and obtain needed sustenance after the event.

During a natural disaster relief aid is sent in to help the rescue workers and those affected. The coordination effort is no small task, making sure that supplies remained stocked and go to the correct location.

Users can change their status at any time during the emergency notifying rescue workers of their danger. Rescuers can send targeted aid to individuals directly affected. Because a natural disaster can affect people over a large area, first responders know where to send relief aid to individuals who need it.

While each natural disaster requires different aid, ArcAngel can help with the recovery effort. Sending needed information to all of the people involved.