Loved Ones

January 14, 2016

Personal safety is important, but communication with loved ones in an emergency is essential. Often times the media provides partial coverage of an event. Details are leaked slowly out to loved ones monitoring the emergency. Users that are safe in an emergency try desperately to communicate with their loved ones through any communication possible. With an increased use of wireless and cellular data loved ones do not receive information from those affected by the emergency.

Using new-patented technologies, ArcAngel immediately sends a text to your loved ones when you are involved in an emergency situation letting them know that you are safe. This provides loved ones with peace of mind knowing that their friends and family are safe in an emergency. Immediate safety is of utmost importance.

During an emergency there are accounts of family and friends desperately trying to contact their loved ones at the emergency event. In most cases the loved ones do not find out information for hours. These long hours do not have to exist anymore due to ArcAngel. With instant notification to loved ones, ArcAngel communicates safety information in an emergency.