Frequently Asked Questions

Do you actively track users?


No. We only monitor users when they are in the geofence of an incident or when a user has contacted their organization’s security department to request assistance. When the incident is terminated, we no longer display your location information.

Do I need to have my location services activated to use the application?

Yes. Our system architecture relies on locational services to determine whether you are near an incident. 

Will I get an alert if my application is not pulled up on the main screen?

Yes. You will receive an alert even if you are not actively monitoring the application.

What happens when I indicate I am not safe?

If you report that you are not safe, security personnel monitoring the platform will see your location and “not safe” status. Security personnel will see your real-time location and be able to contact you via the ArcAngel App or by other means in order to provide assistance.

If I am inside a building, will security know what floor I'm on in an emergency?

Yes. If you are inside a building that is on the ArcAngel platform, responders will be able to see your location by floor and/or room during an emergency.

If I'm in an unfamiliar building, can I use the ArcAngel app to navigate to exits?

Yes. We have partnered with HPE Aruba Meridian to integrate indoor wayfinding technology into the ArcAngel App. If you are in a building that uses Aruba location services, you will be able to see an interior map of the building and wayfind to stairways and exits.

Will my family and friends be notified that I'm safe even if they don’t have the app?

Yes. Any designated person can receive a text message when you indicate you are safe during an active incident if you designate them as an emergency contact in the ArcAngel app.

What countermeasures do you employ against hackers?
Cyber security is built into our system architecture. We use 256-bit encryption, the same level of security as national level critical infrastructure.
Will I be able to see other users on my screen? Can other users see me?


No. Standard users cannot see or be seen by other users. Only authorized security personnel can see the location and status of users inside a geofence.